Graduate Teaching Assistant

Purdue University, Environmental and Ecological Engineering

    • EEE530, Life Cycle Assessment: Principles and Applications, Fall 2018-2019

      • Deliver lectures on System Boundary and Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)

      • Lead lab session on using SimaPro for building LCA model; Design a SimaPro demo

      • Lead course project design and discussion

Student Mentoring

    • Utkuhan Genc, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, Master thesis student, Aug 2020-present

      • Designed an algorithm to extract trip information from a large set of mobile phone data

    • Chartsiri Jirachotkulthorn, Department of Computer Science, Purdue University, Undergraduate, Nov 2019-present

      • Built a web-based data collector for global shared micro-mobility systems to track the system usage

      • Gave a training session on scrapping data from website to a Purdue Research Team

      • Investigated how crime rate would affect shared micro-mobility system usage based on time-series model

    • Rachael Snow, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, Undergraduate, Jan 2021-June 2021

      • Evaluated the environmental impacts of five bike sharing systems in U.S. cities using a life cycle assessment approach

    • Bijon Rafie, Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University, Undergraduate, Aug 2019-Dec 2019

      • Built a life cycle assessment model for station-based bike sharing system